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Don't Forget About Medicare [Set Aside]: New Easy to Use Tools on CMS Website

New Florida Effective Law July 2012: Have You Checked Your Beneficiary Designations Since Your Divorce?

Do You Have Special Needs Trust Tunnel Vision?

Lessons Learned: Medical Advance Directives Following a Divorce

How Traumatically Brain Injured Clients Could Have Avoided Guardianship

Beware the Pitfalls of Over-Structuring a Settlement
The Ten Commandments of Resolving a Catastrophic Injury Case

CMS Releases New Memorandum Providing Guidance on Exception to Liability Medicare Set Aside
Avoid Guardianship - Single Parents Need Proper Planning

CMS Memo: Implementing Exception to Liability Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements

Florida Appeals Court Rejects Structure for Minor

All Special Needs Trusts are Not Equal: Buyer Beware

Another Interpretation of the Ahlborn Decision Limiting the Medicaid Liability Lien

Special Needs Trusts can Protect Child Support Payments for Adult Children with Disabilities
News Clients Could Use

Healthcare Decisions vs. Death Panels: National Healthcae Decisions Day

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Rely On a Facility to Qualify Your Loved One for Medicaid

Tips for Parents Planning for a Child With a Developmental Disability
Tips for Parents Planning for Their Young Adults
2011 Client Newsletters

Winter 2011 (PDF)
• New Estate Law Passed
• It’s time for a legal checkup
• Stephanie’s Planning Tip
• File your Homestead Exemption

Summer 2011 (PDF)
• Update Long Term Care Policy–Save $
• Alzheimer’s Assoc invites you to free art exhibit
• Firm’s Recent Success
• Legal Check-Up: Funeral Affadavit
• Affordable Health Care Act: Highlights

Fall 2011 (PDF)
• Year-end Tax Planning, New Durable Power of Attorney Law—Effective October 1st
• Asset Preservation Planning—Don’t try this by yourself
• The Firm’s Recent Success
• Thinking about Tax Season?: Think about Identify Theft

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