Estate Planning

The Benefits of Planning

As life expectancies increase, more people are interested in creating a management plan for their financial and health care needs. Our firm is devoted to educating and counseling clients about their legal rights and planning options so they can make the best informed decision. When you meet with us we will co-create a legal plan so that you can:

  • Maintain privacy and dignity
  • Maintain independence and control over personal healthcare decisions and financial affairs
  • Minimize federal estate taxes and expenses associated with probating an estate
  • Avoid guardianship which can be costly and is monitored by the Court
  • Determine a pre-need guardian for minors or loved ones with special needs.
    Click here for estate planning options for minors.

These legal documents are tailored to meet your needs so that you can achieve your planning goals:

Durable Power of Attorney

You can designate a trusted person to handle your financial affairs if you are unable to make decisions due to a temporary or permanent incapacity. The document provides detailed instruction about the agent's authority.

Designation of Healthcare Surrogate

You can designate a trusted person to make medical and residential decisions for you in the event you cannot communicate or, are incapacitated. You also designate a successor medical agent.

Last Will & Testament

This document identifies who will inherit an individual's assets (the beneficiaries) and who will be responsible for distributing them to the beneficiaries (the personal representative/executor). For young parents and couples, a Will can also be used to appoint a trustee to manage a child's money until he/she is old enough to handle it themselves.

Living Will

A living will declares your wishes concerning the provision, withholding, or withdrawal of life-prolonging procedures if you are diagnosed with a terminal condition where there is no medical probability of recovery or, cure. Click here to download your Living Will Guide.

Designation of Preneed Guardian

A competent adult can appoint a preneed guardian for oneself or your minor child in the event the adult becomes incapacitated or, dies. The guardian can make medical and financial decisions for the incapacitated adult or, minor child.

Revocable Trust (Living Trust)

This estate planning tool is used when appropriate for the management of your assets and investments during your incapacity as well as avoid the probate process.

Planning for Individuals & Families with Special Needs

This can be created within your Will or Trust to hold an inheritance so that a child or adult with special needs does not lose their government benefits.

Ethical Will

An ethical will is a non-legal document that enables you to share a gift of wisdom such as: your feelings about how you lived your life and your life experience (i.e. life lessons, values, blessings, hopes, dreams). An “ethical will” or “legacy will” facilitates sharing your values, not your valuables and leave a birthright for your loved ones. Click her to download our Ethical Will Guide.

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